Thin Charge iPhone 6/6s Battery Case. Extra Battery Without The Bulk!

In January I did a review on the ZeroLemon battery case. I have used it quite often and I have enjoyed it. The largest drawback is just how big it is (insert cliche that's what she said joke). It does pack 3,100 mAh of battery, but still it will be a significant change in size. If you are using an iPhone, you will be stuck carrying around a separate micro USB cable. I can't really bash ZeroLemon for that in any way, because the majority of the battery cases require the cable. The Thin Charge case from Chargetech is trying to change all of this. Here is the review.

The goal of this battery case is to simply cut away the bulk that comes from standard battery cases. It has done this. If you told me it was a standard protective case, I wouldn't question you. You would think that because of this the mAh would be much lower. It is actually 2600 mAh, which is quite impressive at this slim design. It is a lower than the 3,100 mAh ZeroLemon, but there are many battery cases just as bulky with lower mAh.  The Juice Pack Reserve from Mophie only packs 1,840 mAh and is a larger battery case. This remains the same with many different battery cases.

The Thin Charge also charges through the lightning cable. The only other case that I know of that has this is the Apple battery case. The case charges at the top of it, which is a little trippy at first but is quick to get used to. The top is removed allowing you to place your iPhone inside. 

Things start to get a little weird when it comes down to actually charging the phone once its in the case. The volume up button is used to charge and check the battery. This is probably the biggest complaint I have on this case. I constantly have headphones on, so I am being forced to blast the music for at least a few seconds to turn on the case. I would love a separate button for this, but I suppose that would take away on how thin the case is. 

The volume up button is also used to check the capacity of the battery. If you press it for one second the volume down button will flash green a certain amount of times depending on how much power the battery has. The bottom of the case has the speaker and the headphone cutout. I haven't had an issue with plugging in headphones, but I feel that some audio jacks might not fit. It would be great to have the audio jack extender included. 

The price of this case is $129. I suppose this leads me into the conclusion of this review. Do you need it? That depends on what you are looking for. This specific battery case is great for someone who likes the idea of battery cases, but hates all the bulk. In my honest opinion that is the only reason why you should buy this case. There are cheaper battery cases with a bit more mAh. The drawbacks are that they are all bulky and more than likely use a micro USB cable. If you are interested in purchasing this battery case I will have the link below. 

Robert Bassett