Archeer Bluetooth Speaker Review. Best Bluetooth Speaker For The Money?

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere. It is very similar to the hoverboard debacle, so many companies producing the same thing. It is hard to know what you are getting yourself into. Do you get the cheaper one and catch on fire by the end of the night? Do you spend your life savings but somehow still manage to smile because of the dope product that you now have? Those things won't happen with a poor bluetooth speaker purchase, but still we should spend our money carefully on products that have thousands of manufacturers. Today we will be taking a look at the Archeer bluetooth speaker. This speaker promises exceptional sound at a low price. Does it achieve this goal?

The most important thing to me with anything related to music, is the sound quality. All the bells and whistles are just icing on the top if the sound quality is good. With this speaker the sound quality is nothing phenomenal. That is not to say that it doesn't sound better than thousands of other speakers at the same price. In fact, at the price of $39.99 it would be hard to find a lot of other speakers with the same sound. The bass is punchy and seems to lean more towards rap music. I can turn the speaker all the way up and the music will still sound listenable. This is not the case with rock or anything with a lot of instruments. The sound gets distorted all the way up, but isn't an issue if the volume is a little down. I would honestly never see any reason in turning this all the way up. It gets really loud. 

As far as the bells and whistles it is water resistant, has a keychain, and has a flashlight. It is IP64 protected which does not mean you should dunk it in the pool, but will be safe from water splashes. The keychain can come in handy whenever hanging it somewhere. The flashlight at first seemed kind of dumb. If you have a bluetooth speaker, odds are you have a phone. Odds are if you have a phone, you have a smartphone. Odds are if you have a smartphone, you have a built in flashlight. This flashlight is bright though. 

It can be used either via bluetooth or aux port. Controls are at the top that can be used to play/pause and change track/volume. Long hold changes volume and short press changes track. The build quality is rugged. I feel safe dropping long as its not in a pool. Available colors are gray and orange. 

In conclusion if you are looking for a bluetooth speaker without breaking the bank, this might be your best choice. It is no UE Boom but this is at fraction of the cost. Archeer makes a ton of great other products as well. I will leave a link below for you to purchase this speaker and one for their website. Below is also a coupon code to save a little money on your purchase during checkout. 



Robert Bassett