Toughest Charger In The World!

Every so often I find myself in the market for something dedicated to a specific audience. Today's audience includes those who find themselves constantly destroying chargers. In all fairness, it isn't always ones fault. My dog chewed through 4 lightning cables until I went on the hunt to find something else. That is when I came across the Titan cable from FuseChicken.

This cable is not just designed for people with dogs. This cable is designed for people who are victims of broken chargers. It could be frayed cables, knots, stepped on, wires showing, and basically anything that can break a charger. The Titan is made of two layers of flexible steel. Both ends are cased with a single piece of housing. 

I gave my dog this cable and she wasn't really interested in crunching her teeth into metal. I went outside and smacked it on the concrete a few times and it still charges perfectly. The guy in the video below goes through a few more extreme measures. 

This cable comes in at $35. I find this price reasonable, especially since the cable that my dog loves so much cost $20. They are for iPhone and Android. The Android model is $10 cheaper. In the event that you somehow break this thing, it comes with a lifetime warranty. There is really nothing negative to say about this charger. If you have had the same charger for over a year, this may not be your thing. If Zoe (dog) just chewed up your charger make sure to check out the link below. 

Robert Bassett