SLAPPA M.A.S.K Backpack.

I have a slight problem with collecting a ton of backpacks. I find myself cycling through 3 different ones. The one I use the most is my Thinktank Streetwalker. I find myself bringing my camera almost everywhere, so this bag works perfectly. Check out that review here. The issue is this bag is very big. I have this old Nike bag and a CaseLogic bag that I use the other times if I am not bringing my cameras. What if I could just have one backpack for everything and change the inserts? Well, that is exactly what the M.A.S.K backpack from SLAPPA is for. 

This backpack has just about everything you can ask for in traditional backpack. The left side has the fitted mesh material made for water bottles and things of that nature. The right side has a standard pocket for pens, business cards, and etc.  

There is a 17 inch laptop compartment in this backpack. The padding of this compartment is substantial, but the flap on top I could do away with. It seems to get in the way for some reason. Several times the velcro on that gets stuck on the velcro strap meant to hold cables. Luckily this would probably be the only thing to really complain about in this backpack. The rest of that compartment has more space and compartments as usual. 

The next compartment up is essentially just a large compartment on its own. This is where the interchangeable inserts come in to play. Typically the inserts do not change any functions of the bag. The inserts are just designs. This is where I find some frustration with the website. If you go here you see that you can choose the face, color of the lining, and the insert. There is a DSLR insert available and it isn't listed in the insert category. In fact, the only reason I know about the DSLR insert is because for some strange reason I searched inserts on the search bar. Please place the DSLR insert in the category, because I am sure there are many consumers that don't know this is a standalone item. 

The face of the back completely comes off as well. The inserts are done by velcro and this is done by zippers. Each face basically provides different functionality. There is also a DSLR face. Choosing the DSLR face basically ties you in with the entire DSLR setup. Each face and insert can be separately purchased just in case you change your mind later on. 

The backpack is overall comfortable. The back has a cushion that is made in the shape of a hand print. I am not a huge fan but it isn't that uncomfortable. The straps on the other hand could use a little improvement. They aren't uncomfortable but seem to dig into the top of my shoulders more than I would like. A little more padding on these would help significantly. 

This backpack is priced at $109.99. This backpack targets two types of people. These people are photographers and gamers that travel. The amount of space in this backpack can fit all types of gaming equipment and then some. Stay tuned to my website for a giveaway with SLAPPA. The link to this backpack is below. 






Robert Bassett