Penom Apple Watch Milanese Band. Stylish At Affordable Price?

Apple has been known on over pricing the Apple Watch bands. Over half the bands you find on the Apple website can be found on Amazon at a fraction of the cost. The Milanese band from Penom is a prime example of this. The black Milanese band on Apple's website cost $199. Penom has one on Amazon for $15. 


Let's be honest. You have never heard of Penom. In fact all they do is make the Milanese band for the Apple Watch. There are tons of companies like this producing Apple Watch bands (and other things like this) on Amazon. 

I was trying to think on how I would review this. I suppose the best way to review it is to simply say it as follows. If you were to place one of the Penom Apple Watch Milanese bands and a Milanese band from Apple in front of a normal person, they would not know the difference. If you simply don't know the difference, what is the justification on spending $145 more on a band? 

The band itself is very comfortable and connects by putting one end through the Apple Watch and tightening it. It closes magnetically and this magnet is very strong. This is not a sports band, but if you got caught in some action this band would do fine. I often get specs of dirt that get stuck in the tiny holes, but I would think that is the case with any Milanese band. The top of the magnet could be a little glossier. I don't necessarily think the matte finish is bad, just believe that with the fancy style a glossier finish would be better. 

There isn't that much to discuss about the band. If you want a Milanese band get this one. You can spend the money you saved on other bands. There are the really nice leather bands that seem to have a $100 price tag just about everywhere. Invest your money in those. 


Robert Bassett