Pod Pro From Nomad. A Sleek Charging Dock For The Apple Watch....And iPhone.

The Apple Watch has been out since April of last year. It has made a wave through the smart watch revolution that can't be forgotten. Since it's release thousands of aftermarket accessories have made a rise. Charging docks seem to be a major hit in this category. Nomad sent me over the Pod Pro for the Apple Watch and it is dope, but since that can't be the review here it is. 

The Pod Pro is simply a portable charging station for the Apple Watch and iPhone. I say portable because it has a built in battery bank of 6000 mAh. This is enough to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at least two times. Attached to the Pod is a lightning cable to charge your iPhone. This cable does not benefit me all that much. I blame this on how annoying it is to take it out of the side of the Pod. I also can understand how it can be beneficial. This thing is portable so having that availability can come in handy. For me personally the Pod stays on my desk and the cable is more of a hassle in my scenario. 

The Pod does not come with a built in Apple Watch charger. I find this extremely disappointing. I ran into an issue because I had the longer Apple Watch cable and I was not able to get the Pod to close correctly. Luckily I came across the shorter cable and I had no issues. Including this would avoid this mishap for future people. 

It's all great after the hiccup with the included iPhone charger and the lack of a Apple Watch charger. The top of the Pod has the circular cutout where the top of the Apple Watch charger comes through. It doesn't peak, its just at a level surface with the cutout. The Pod is Space Grey, which anything Apple related I lean towards that color option. I just personally dislike the white Apple Watch charger, especially when paired with this beautiful Pod. That's why I painted it.

The cable spirals around until there is enough space to place the face of the cable on top and close the Nomad. The Nomad closes by rotating the top until the magnets catch. The magnets could be a little stronger, or another method could of been used. I think a lid mechanism would of been a little better. If you are using a longer cable that might be a problem you run into. The cable is too long to wrap around securely, therefor pushing the top off even if the magnets catch. 

The Pod Pro comes in at $79.95. This makes it a hard buy. What you essentially get is a stylish charging dock for your Apple Watch and iPhone. You could counter with it carrying the 6000mAh battery, but you can find that on Amazon for $10. At this price you would also expect the cable to be included. This is only targeting two different people. The traveler and the "i love sleek gadgets" lover. There are thousands of those out there so go get this thing. 




Robert Bassett