Shutdown Start Remote Tutorial

Hey guys YDT here bringing you a little tutorial on something really nifty. From what I can tell this app has actually been around for a while now but it seems to be something in demand and a lot of people do not know that this kind of thing exist. So YDT what is it?

So the Shutdown Start Remote app is an app that essentially lets you do two main things. These things are turning off your PC and turning on your PC with your Android device. (sorry iOS users this tutorial just is not for you.)

Many times I get out of my desk and go to bed and realize that I did not power off my PC or I get home and the first thing I know I am going to be doing is using my computer. Now this is more of a lazy factor for most of us but I just like techy things so that is why I am a fan. There are several steps/procedures in order to do this.

1. First and foremost make sure you have an Android device. Download the App "Shutdown Start Remote" from the Google Play Store. (this app is free)

2. Follow the on screen instructions after the download. It will ask you to go onto the PC and go to a website and download a specific "jar" file. This file is what is running in the background (there is an issue with this but I will explain later)

3. Once you have done so there are a few steps you need to do on your computer before you can use this device (unless you already have your computer optimized for a similar app.

4. If you are using Windows 7, go to the control panel, next click network and internet, click network and sharing center, click change adapter settings on the left hand side, right click on local area connection, click properties, click configure, click powermanagement make sure all boxes are checked. (picture below)

5. Now depending on how your BIOS is configured the option may be disabled in the BIOS. Go into the BIOS and find the "wake lan" (that may not be the exact words but its very close.

If you are just totally not interested in ever powering on your PC you can skip all of 4 but I imagine you would want to do both. There is a slight downfall with using this APP. The "jar" file that was downloaded seems to stop running after you first power off your PC. So far I have had to run the "jar" file everytime to be able to use the "turn off" feature. The app gives you a option on inserting the IP address, however same situation of having to do that over and over again. Once I find a solid fix for this I will update this post. For now just keep that file somewhere reachable. For the power on feature you are basically set as long as you did the procedure correctly. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on twitter or just leave a comment below.




I have found a fix. In fact I found it about 20 minutes after the post. The fix is a little out of the way so it will take a little bit of time. You will be adding the "jar" file to the startup services.

First go to  Start/Run and then write = "REGEDIT"

Very important to get this exactly correct go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/Windows/Current Version/Run

Add a String on the right side, and set the Path for your JAR file.  Personally I just put it in my documents to make it easier. After this is done the jar file should start everytime you power on the PC. If it does not something was typed incorrectly. Have any questions just ask away.

Robert Bassett